aData Input Setup Time Before Clock 数据输入设按时间在时钟之前 [translate]

  aDeputy manager of Xi'an sales company 西安发卖公司的副经理 [translate]

  a您好,我去洛杉矶(LAX)在几号登机口登机 You are good, I go to Los Angeles (LAX) to board craft in several gate; departure gates [translate]

  ahow can i live without you? 我如何可以寓居,不用您? [translate]

  a在书橱里 In book shelf [translate]

  aexpectaion expectaion [translate]

  a这个故事我最爱好的人物是伊莉莎白。 This story I most like the character is the Iraqi Li sha is white. [translate]

  a阿谁可以吗? That may? [translate]

  abuild up slowly 慢组合 [translate]

  a  在车辆长时间任务的过程当中,遭到腐化的金属部件生成少量的铁锈,严重的会逐渐穿蚀金属板而招致渗漏,这直接关系到汽车冷却系统的应用寿命,统力防冻液配方中含有钼酸盐和亚硝酸盐作为氧化性缓蚀剂,在金属外表构成致密的氧化膜,防止锈浊发生。   In the vehicles long-firing operation process, receives the corrosion the metal part production massive rust, serious can put on the eclipse metal plate to cause the leakage gradually, this relates the automobile cooling system directly the service life, in the series strength anti-icing fluid for [translate]

  aDrlsiolsilileoiliwoilioi Drlsiolsilileoiliwoilioi [translate]

  a大年夜约9小时 About 9 hours [translate]

  aot (deduce)makeup face ot (deduce)makeup face [translate]

  aThese engineers also evaluate and determine how to strengthen the stability of slopes and fills and how to protect structures against earthquakes and the effects of ground water. 这些工程师也评价而且肯定若何增强倾斜和积土的动摇和若何保护结构免受地动和地下水的感化。 [translate]

  a你还能来我家吃饭吗 You also can come my family to eat meal [translate]

  aself test in progress 自已测试停顿中 [translate]

  ahyper construction bot 亢奋修建bot [translate]

  a电泳漆 电泳漆 [translate]

  a近日修改了我对你的爱 Recently changed me to your love [translate]

  aAnd who do you like? 而且谁您爱好? [translate]

  a我离开了日本河源黉舍 私は日本の川の源の黉舍着いた [translate]

  aHan Li has been to San Francisco in the USA. 他李有是到旧金山在H美国。 [translate]

  a你对弹吉他感兴味吗 You are interested to the ball guitar [translate]

  a不甚么 Not any [translate]

  a她们总是在我碰到艰苦给我好的看法,在我悲伤哀伤时抚慰我关心我, They always meet in me difficultly for me the good opinion, when me sad sad comforts me to care about me, [translate]